Diversity Digital has been created to deliver diverse solutions for a diverse world.  One size most definitely does not fit all in digital terms; what works for a toy store for instance would be totally inappropriate for a law firm.

That’s where Diversity Digital comes in, delving deep into your business, industry, likes, dislikes, digital capabilities and goals to ensure we deliver a digital presence specific to your business. This ensues you remain relevant to your customers year after year.


  • sales and marketing professional

    As a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years experience, I’ve learnt a thing or two about selling myself, my brand and my products. In this time I’ve created & managed numerous websites, built a graphic design business and been a full-time programmer.

  • exclusively digitally focused

    More recently and most excitingly, I’ve been almost exclusively digitally focused. I have conceived, designed, project-managed, programmed and delivered e-newsletters, landing pages, websites & social media strategies.

  • And Diversity Digital was born

    Through the last decade I’ve learnt that one solution does not fit all and businesses today need diverse solutions to meet an increasingly diverse audience. And Diversity Digital was born to meet those needs.

  • Systems Expertise

    • - WordPress
    • - Linux/Apache/NGINX
    • - WHM/Cpanel
    • - MYSQL, MAMP, Linux/Unix Distros, etc

  • Application Expertise

    • - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
    • - Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc
    • - Google, AWS, Cloud Hosting Solutions
    • - Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Mandrill, etc

  • Web Application Expertise

    • - HTML/CSS
    • - PHP
    • - Javascript
    • - Python




Are you in need of a new website? Ask us about your website, social media and e-marketing activities. Even basic pacakges include documentation, user-training, on-page SEO, pageload-optimisation and automated offsite backups.


We can help you update your existing digital presence. Our solutions are based on deep research into your business, industry, competitors, likes, dislikes and digital trends, ensuring you'll be completely satsified with the final result.

Website Mobile Friendly Redesign

Did you know that Google now reduces the search ranking of websites that aren't mobile friendly! If your website isn't optimised for mobile, contact us today to find out how to get your website in-line with what Google and your customers expect.

Digital Strategy

How does your website tie in with social media? Which social media suits your business? What do you do with social media once you’ve got it? Through a proper strategy, we can help you achieve digital success in line with your business's goals.

Social Media Strategy

Knowing social media is important to a business in today’s competitive market is one thing, knowing how to support your business's goals with it is another. Find out how we can design a strategy that will help grow your digital influence.

Digital Presence Management

Being digitally active is likely to benefit your business, but finding the time and resources to do it can be hard. Ask us how to get your blogs, SEO article writing, social media posting and interaction done by others.




Whether you’re starting a new business, adding to an existing business or revamping your old, tired website, every project starts with a desire.


Digging to find out what you really want as a client is the most important part of the design process in our eyes. Without understanding of your digital desires at this point, alignment at completion is almost impossible.


At this stage we have a clear picture of your deepest digital desires, it’s time to provide some basic website designs to you until you confirm we’re on the right path.


Now that we’ve agreed on the look, feel and layout of the new website, it’s time to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. This culminates in you getting to play with your production ready website on our private staging servers.


When you’re sure you’ve got the website you’ve always hoped for, it’s time for deployment. Whether to your own servers, an existing host or new host, we handle the process from end to end, totally shielding you from all that geek-speak.


The final stage is to give you access to your new website. This includes documentation on how to use, modify and maintain the new website, training and recommendations.



As they say, the proof is in the pudding.  Check out some of our most recent projects below.





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