Project Name

Physikids Website Mobile Enhancement


May 2015


Client's existing website looked awful on a mobile device and after a failed attempt to correct it using an IT student and a Wordpress plugin, the client settled on Diversity Digital.


Thank you so very much for the time you have spent making this a wonderful site. Especially the time spent on getting the booking form right. I have to admit I wasn't sure you would be able to deliver something so wonderful for such an affordable fee. Your communication with me has been perfect all along. I was never left wondering about anything. This whole process was easy and smooth for me. I can't believe it's done. Such a load off my mind. Thank you thank you thank you! - Kayleen (Owner - Physikids)

Mobile Enhancement, Redevelopment, Wordpress
About This Project

This client needed a website mobile enhancement and quick. Additionally there was a desire to incorporate a more user-friendly booking form and to provide the website with a more modern look and feel. The result is a playful, sports orientated, modern website the client is certain will meet her customers needs from their computers, mobile phones and tablet devices.

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